Augmented Office - Interior desing

Smart Office renovation for domestic technology company Gira.

It has been recently shown that modern technologies are evolving faster than ever before in human history and dreams from sci-fi are becoming reality. Scientist and Technology companies have always been excellent in applying technology to our personal devices and spaces, but there has been little progress in technologies that can create positive and meaningful experiences within our public spaces. Gira as a client and company specialising in domestic technology has asked for a design of a showroom of future living within five to ten years.
Consumer electronics have become more significant in the way we experience our life and spaces than ever before. 2015 was the year of consumer electronics, and a great variety of products have emerged in the market creating the potential to change the way we experience our interior spaces. Recent media coverage has generated considerable research and consumer interest in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The purpose of this study is to illustrate the need for a change in how we think about the way we work and how we design our office environment. Few researchers have addressed the impact of VR and AR on the way we work, and even less research has been done on how this technology will change the working environment around us. The objective of this study is to explore the perfect integration of AR and VR into our personal workspace and to address some common issues in office space such as privacy and distraction from a task thru smart materials, wearable technology and design solutions. This project is designed for Gira and their headquarters in Sabadell.
Staircase that can be used as place to relax and socialize and if needed it becomes a lecture room.
Upstairs with "home base" desk for each worker and co-working bays for working in team.
Small meeting room for formal meetings. Tables can be separated to turn it into a class room. Under the stairs there is a soft floor where workers can relax and take a nap.
View from the top of the office. Downstairs with small kitchen and dinig table that can be also used for meetings.
By integrating augmeted reality and othere modern technologies the process of recieving and dispatching order becomes much faster and easier.
Thanks to projector and camera above the table we can turn any surface into "touch screen"  You can also use voice comands to activate "personal assistant system".
Camera tracks and uderstands documents at your desk. Just search the term in office app and projector will highligh the document at your desk. Its like personal assistan that always rembers where you put that bill that you have to sign. 
Imagine your desk is completly covered with work and you can not find your keys or phone. No worries just ask your assistant. 
Have a look at virtual tour through the office.
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