Bacon Downhill - Photography

Longboard, dusty hill and no pads! This was afternoon at Bacon downhill with Onita Raw run riders.

The other day my friend Dany gave me a call that they have one more free seat in car to go downhill longboarding to some spot close to Barcelona called "Bacon". So I packed my camera and hoped on the car.
After about 20minute ride we arrived at the end of the road which leads to power distribution plant. The road was steep, dusty and pretty crunchy. From this point on I got it why they call it "bacon".
Bacon is pretty much-abandoned road however now and then a car passes or group of bikers pushes up the hill. It's necessary for the riders to check the road before they bomb the hill 60km/h. They do it with on person that drives the car at the bottom with walkie talkie and on the other side is the rider with phone stuck underneath their helmets. 
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