Lladró - Exposition space

Lladró is a high porcelain producer from Valencia Spain. The task was to design an ephemeral exhibition space in La Roca gallery in Barcelona. It's very narrow space with 3 stories of ceiling space. Where Lladró chandeliers are suspended from creating clouds effect. At night this will turn into a sky full of stars. The products are displayed on tree trunks. These tree trunks have been stripped of their bark, sanded and painted white. This is not only effective and economical solution but it also enhances the key concepts. Open the project to find out more...

Section drawing without the staircase.
View from the entrance of the gallery.
View from the third floor. (chandeliers are hung from the ceiling)
As you walk downstairs you will pass by the "work in progress" section.
The mirrors will make infinite amount of reflexions creating "dream" effect.
Using Lladro's chandeliers created a great opportunity to enhance the dream effect.
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