18Hole House - Real estate Photogrpahy
Extrior photographs of 18 hole house in Prosper golf club Čeladná. Building designed by Vítek Máslo (CMC Architects)
Augmented Office - Interior desing
Smart Office renovation for domestic technology company Gira.
ArchitectureBrandingFurniture Design
New Horizon Scout - Boat concept
Future scenario sail boat that will re-discover Earth again... Due to pollution and nuclear war humans have moved to a floating cities on the sea. Now they need to explore the Earth again to see if some parts of the land are habitable.
Automotive DesignInterior Design
My Portfolio project - PRINT
My personal portfolio book project. Compilation of works until December 2015.
BrandingGraphic DesignPrint Design
Lladró - Exposition space
Lladró is a high porcelain producer from Valencia Spain. The task was to design an ephemeral exhibition space in La Roca gallery in Barcelona. It's very narrow space with 3 stories of ceiling space. Where Lladró chandeliers are suspended from creating clouds effect. At night this will turn into a sky full of stars. The products are displayed on tree trunks. These tree trunks have been stripped of their bark, sanded and painted white. This is not only effective and economical solution but it also enhances the key concepts. Open the project to find out more...
ArchitectureArt DirectionExhibition Design
Industrial Workout - Photography
Afternoon with street workout stuntman Jan Kaňůrek in Zlín.
Zabil.cz SNB Freeski camp - Photography
Event photography for a free style camp
Bacon Downhill - Photography
Longboard, dusty hill and no pads! This was afternoon at Bacon downhill with Onita Raw run riders.
Quadrathlon Athlete - Photography
Photo series of Quadrathlon Athlete from Czech Republic
Skate contest - Video
Aftermovie of local skate contest in Czech.
Day in life of Student - Short film - Personal
Small Video Project
Skate Sponsor me Tape - Erik Argalas - Video
Sponsor me tape for Erik Argalas from Czech. Filmed in Prague, Brno, Zlín and Luhačovice
Handball Team - Photography - Advertising - Compositing
A Photography assigmnet for a Hanball Team sponsored by Cream Real Estate as the client. The task of this project was to create a series of action portraits for their new advertising campaign with slogan "Im the player" (translation from Czech).
Between The Lines - Skateboarding documentary
Between the Lines is a skateboarding documentary about skate lifestyle in Barcelona. This project was half personal and half school project. For me (Petr Tanko) It has been a personal project that I wanted to do for some time and for my friend Tino Mendes It has been a school assignment for his Graphic design course. The task for him was to promote a movie so he came to me and ask if I have any... I said: "no but I can make one". And this is how it all Started. Video and photography by: Petr Tanko Graphic Design and advertising by: Tino Mendes
3D rendering and Post-production
Collection of my Rendering and 3D modeling Work. (In progress)
ArchitectureInterior DesignRetouching
YOROKOBU Magazine cover - illustrator
This is a homework for computer tools. The task was to create a YOROKOBU magazine cover using isometric perspective.
Vianda Sparkling water branding
School exercise for Computer tools
BrandingGraphic Design
MAX 32 - Interior Design Photography
Interior photography assignment at MAX32 which is a Commercial and residential building in heart of industrial area in Zlín Czech Republic. The task was to capture photographs of interior of this building specialy focused on their loft apartments.
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